Sales & Marketing


Want to improve the performance of your sales department?

Need support in managing relationships with operators?

Need support in establishing a sales and marketing plan?

The maximization of a hospitality structure's performance also depends on the market positioning concept. Due to the increasing competition and transparency of the sales channels, hotel businesses must also monitor their marketing and business development functions.

Hotels Doctors offers a series of custom services linked to the planning of the sales and marketing activities, with the goal of improving the company's positioning and operating margin, as well as its visibility on the domestic and international markets.

Our services include:

  • The preparation of a Sales Activity Plan;
  • The preparation of a Marketing Plan;
  • The identification and auditing of the competitive set;
  • The management of the operators' databases;
  • Assistance in stipulating contracts (FIT, Allotment, RFP, etc.);
  • The preparation of company presentations;
  • E-mail Marketing;
  • The Preparation/Creation of the promotions/packages calendar.