Revenue Management


Want to maximize your revenue potential?

Having trouble managing your electronic distribution channels?

Want to redefine your pricing policy?

Nowadays, all the hotel companies distributed on the network are increasingly in need of specific skills, which often cannot be found or are too expensive. That's why Hotels Doctors offers its Revenue Management service.

Revenue Management, multichannel distribution management and optimization, pricing, booking engine, and channel manager are terms that are now used daily by every hotelier.

Revenue Management has now become a discipline that plays a major role in day-to-day hotel operations. Its use requires a considerable amount of training and in-depth technical knowledge.

Hotels Doctors offers its support in managing the entire distribution system: for the creation of the pricing schedule and pricing strategy, and the mapping of your hotel structure's distribution channels. The hotel will be followed by an agent, who will take charge of the operational management of the prices, as well as the management and monitoring of the results. An analysis of the market segments will also be carried out, with timely reports on the facility's performance being sent out.

Our services include:

  • The improvement of the configuration and use of the current technologies;
  • The definition of the pricing strategy and policy;
  • The definition/implementation of the distribution map;
  • The establishment and configuration of the distribution channels;
  • The updating of the content on all the distribution channels;
  • Weekly price management and monitoring of availability;
  • Technical and strategic pricing assistance (training of an internal resource, if necessary);
  • Creation of a data tracking and revenue management reporting system;
  • Possible introduction/configuration of computer systems for improving RMS performance;
  • Support for the introduction/configuration of CRM/Brand Reputation Management/PMS systems, etc.