Management Control


Are you unable to prepare or obtain your income statement on time?

Want to gain a better understanding of your internal data?

Would you like to have reference indicators to determine whether your costs are well-managed?

Want to implement an internal management control system?

Want to initiate a pathway of economic planning and finally have a budget to follow?

Management control and cost analysis are the backbone of a company's health
It's not enough to merely increase your turnover. You must be capable of transforming your increased revenues into increased margins (yield management).
For this reason, a good administrative management system and the ability to interpret the figures are the cornerstones of an accommodation structure's health.

Hotels Doctors supports you in conducting your structure's cost analysis, in order to establish an analytical accounting system and determine the operational performance indicators. Furthermore, it is also possible to have industry benchmark indicators that will provide you with a indication of the cost trends, as well as to define internal cost and cost containment policies.

Our services include:

  • Support in conducting the cost analysis;
  • Support in establishing an accounting system;
  • Identification of the key performance indicators (KPI).