Hotels Doctors supports and sustains the hotel operator throughout each phase of the hotel's development pathway, starting with its inauguration. The quality of the strategic choices and the attention dedicated to final decisions are reflected in the operating margin and the hotel company's performance. That's why one must rely on a specialist. The management of a hotel facility involves a wide range of activities, which cover every aspect: from the managerial aspects to the strictly operational aspects.

Thanks to the experience of its team, Hotels Doctors has made support its core business.

This service was established in order to assist hoteliers in operating their facilities. After having conducted an analysis of the hotel and the context in which it operates, a business pathway is identified and the medium and long-term activities are planned. These activities might include the establishment of new pricing and electronic distribution strategies; the establishment of a Sales Action Plan and an online and offline communication plan; integrated marketing activities (brand reputation analysis, competitor analysis, development of a marketing plan, etc.), and the internal reorganization of the structure. The consulting services are therefore provided in a “custom” manner and at 360°, based on the requirements of the individual hospitality structure and the market in which it operates..