Opening hotel


Are you opening a hospitality business?

Are you converting a building into a hotel structure, but don't know how to manage it?

Want to know if the investment you are planning will work?

Numerous doubts regarding various aspects can arise during the opening phase: the management's performance, the structure's positioning on the market, the choice of suppliers, the organizational methods, staff recruiting, and much more.

Thanks to its experience, Hotels Doctors is capable of helping the business owner define the services and the pricing policy during the delicate pre-opening and opening phases, thus providing them with all the tools necessary for the hotel's "positioning" on the market. We are therefore capable of monitoring all the phases of the project in order to ensure the structure's optimal functionality.

We identify and plan the activities to be performed scrupulously and methodically in order to accelerate the execution of the project's various phases, while at the same time assisting you with marketing and market positioning activities, and organizational and service-related decisions.

Our main services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Hotel business plans
  • Hotel marketing plans
  • Business pre-opening
  • Economic budget
  • Organizational plan and staff recruiting and training
  • Opening Gantt Chart
  • Assistance with the selection and management of suppliers and Partners
  • Identification of the services (service sizing and quality)